Jeanne Charles Wood, Esq.

Attorney - Arbitrator- Mediator

Mediation Services

Mediation is a process where two parties, come before a neutral third-party (the mediator) in order to resolve a dispute.  The mediator is the “manager” of the process and does not make decisions.  Instead, the mediator guides the parties through the mediation meetings or sessions by helping them to create options that will resolve the conflict.  Mediation is only successful if the parties are openly and honestly willing to give the process a chance to work.

If the mediation is successful, the mediation session(s) will be culminated with the parties signing a binding agreement that resolves the dispute.


  • Cooperative
  • Private
  • Minimizes Damage to the Relationship
  • Parties Decide the Outcome; Not the Judge
  • Disputes Can Be Resolved in Days vs. Months or Years
  • Less Costly


  • Combative
  • Public
  • Judge Decides Outcome

  • Must Hire Attorney Or Represent Yourself In Court

  • Litigation Can Last For Months Or Years
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